Ι participated in 14 projects in the past and currently, Ι participate in 2 projects.
These projects are bellow.


    Study of the impact of climate change and extreme events on the damage of historical areas using advanced modelling tools.

  • Dispersion of pollutants - Environmental impacts

    Research and development on computational methods for the study of the dispersion of pollutants in the air and environmental impacts. Emphasis is given to the dispersion of pollutants in urban areas and to the identification / assessment of unknown sources of hazardous pollutants.

  • National Strategy for Research and Technology for Smart Specialization

    Computational techniques for the determination of air pollutant sources, and their impacts with emphasis on emergencies in urban areas

    Development of “smart” algorithms for the fast extraction of the information from databases with application in inverse problems i.e. source identification in urban areas.

  • Spraytecs Technologies Ltd

    Study of the performance of the particulate collection system PM10 of Spraytecs Technologies Ltd. for real-world air cleaning in Italy.

    Implementation of a computational methodology for assessing the dispersion of hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere at street level.

  • Icarus

    Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems.

  • Advanced Emergency Preparedness and Response Tools for Airborne Hazardous Materials in Urban Environments.


    Innovative integrative tools and platforms to be prepared for radiological emergencies and post-accident response in Europe.


    Health and Environment-wide Associations based on Large Population Surveys.


    On the reduction of health effects from combined exposure to indoor air pollutants in modern offices.


    Emissions exposure patterns and health effects of consumer products in the EU.


    Schools Indoor Pollution and Health observatory network in Europe.


    Radon prevention and remediation.


    Development of alternative forms of tourism by creating a network of walking trails in the prefecture of Kozani.

  • BUMA

    Prioritisation of Building Materials as indoor pollution sources.

  • GGET

    Environmental management system and decision support for SES operating region of Kozani / Ptolemais / Amyntaio / Florina

    (Regional Innovation Pole of Western Macedonia)

  • Life Visions

    Input data collection and analysis. Depollution modelling, validation and verification.

  • Ploto

    Geographic data and services inventory and definition and interdependencies of the selected measures for improved resilience. Definition of the Requirements, Use Cases and System Specifications in the framework of the WP: ``End-User Requirements and Platform Design``.

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